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Parts inspection in China

QC in AGC QC in Supplier Factory Supplier factory audit Supplier simple check
Starting from 250$
per day
per day
per audit
per check
Localisation AGC Shanghai office Factory within 150km from Shanghai / Guangzhou / Qingdao Factory within 150km from Shanghai / Guangzhou / Qingdao Online + phone
Realised by Qc technician QC technician or Engineer AGC trained Auditor AGC purchaser
Detailled Report with pictures
Includes Proto inspection / FAI Statistical quantity, dimensions, visual, fonctional testings Document checking, organisation, quality system implementation, references Offical licence check, background check, call to supplier, questionnaire to supplier, AGC analysis
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Wanting to avoid bad surprises ? AGC offers you QC solutions !

Quality Control

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Tooling inspection services.

QC of CNC cutting machine in Shandong

Aldo D., Italy : “Thanks a lot to support us. We will contact you for new China inspection in the future.”

Eliane O., France : “Thank you very much for your interesting additional information, as well as for your insightful recommendations as to the threads that we will consider.
We are very satisfied with your service, so we will get back to you soon about the factory audits we plan to do in October.”

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China inspection services

Quick Feedback

For a better understanding about the actual status of your production, a detailed quality control and inspection report will be sent for review within 3 days after our physical inspection.

Your trusted partner

With our Quality Control procedures and inspection experience, we ensure a high and strict quality of your products before they leave China. .

Safe purchasing

By inspecting products with AGC Quality Controls, you considerably reduce risks related to poor product quality in China.

Our controlers

Our controllers are skilled long terms and internally trained quality technicians, used to work for international purchaser with highest EU / US quality expectations.

An independant control made by specialists

The quality check you need in China, from pre-shipment inspection to production quality control.